Cream Puff: traditional pate a choux dough filled with either custard or whipped cream or chocolate whipped cream. $15.00 a dozen or $7.50 for a 1/2 dozen

Neopolitans: 3 layers of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla cookie cake like layers. $15.00 per a dozen

8" lemon cream cake $35.00                             

Cannoli: traditional rolled pastry tube filled with sweetened ricotta and mini chocolate chips. $30.00 for a dozen $15.00 for a 1/2 dozen

Lemon Drops (Anginetti) cookies: soft lemon cookies with lemon frosting $15.00 per a dozen

Whoopie Pies $1.50 each or $18.00 per a dozen          available flavors: classic, mint, pumpkin, strawberry, spice, vanilla bean, lemon, peanut butter, carrot, peppermint, red velvet, coconut, chocolate lovers, raspberry, key lime, banana or butterscotch

Breads $8.00 per a loaf                                                available flavors: pumpkin, chocolate, banana, gingerbread, apple cinnamon, banana chocolate chip, lemon poppy seed, chocolate orange, 

chocolate covered strawberries $1.50 each or $18.00 per a dozen

Cake Truffles 1/2lb box $12.00     1lb box $20.00                                          cake truffles are a wonder piece of heave. Cake and frosting rolled into a ball and dipped in chocolate! Who could ask for a better creation?                  Available flavors: strawberry, lemon, orange vanilla, chocolate, banana, red velvet, raspberry, pumpkin, pink champagne, apple, pink lemonade, chocolate mint, key lime, gingerbread, candy cane and chocolate malt.          Try one today, you'll be hooked!

Chocolate Bark $1.25 each bagged              available flavors: pumpkin spice latte or peppermint candy cane

Petit Fours   1/2lb box $15.00    1lb box $23.00                                 can be decorated in a wide variety of decorations or seasonally.  available flavors: chocolate, raspberry, orange, vanilla, lemon, blackberry, strawberry, carrot, chocolate mint, candy cane