This is the page to check for holiday item's and holiday menu's as well as any holiday special's we may be having. Please check back often. Thank you and have a sweet day!

We have been part of Maine holiday traditons for over 10 years. This holiday we continue our tradtion of producing only the freshest delicious baked foods prepared from our time tested family recipes.  Why not treat someone special to one of our customized cookie trays. Comes wrapped with a bow and a personalized gift tag with your message. Give a small box of our delectable cake truffles to your postman, baby sitter, boss or your clients. Bring a tray of our brownies to work on Christmas Eve to start your celebration. We also offer gift certificates in any amount for ideal Christmas presents!

                                                                                               Christmas Menu

Chocolate Peppermint Tart     $20.00                                                      Rustic Apple Tart $20.00                                                                                 8" Creme de Menthe cake $35.00                                                            Candy Cane Bundt cake $25.00                                                                     1 dz mint chocoalte chip cookies $15.00                                                1 dz chocolate peppermint cookies $15.00                                                1 dz chocolate crinkle cookies $12.00                                                       1 dz peppermint mint crunch sugar cookies $12.00                                1 dz eggnog cookies $12.00                                                                       1 dz snickerdoodle cookies $12.00                                                               1 dz holiday decorated sugar cookies $24.00                                         yule log ( serves 8-10) $15.00                                                                       3 dz holiday pastry platter $30.00                                                             3 dz holiday cookie platter $30.00                                                              8" eggnog torte cake $35.00                                                                       8" candy cane torte cake $35.00                                                                  1lb box holiday cake truffles $20.00  available flavors : chocolate, gingerbread, eggnog, peppermint or red velvet                                            1 lb holiday fudge $12.00  available flavors: chocolate, peanut butter, white chocolate, chocolate mint, eggnog or peppermint

Order now and make their holiday special! Order today, the homemade taste they will love!

We are taking pre orders now until December 20th. Order early to make sure you get your sweet treat!

 9" deep pies $15.00 each 

apple                     pumpkin

chocolate cream      mint chocolate cream

banana cream           coconut cream

blueberry                   cherry crumb 

peppermint truffle