This is the page to check for holiday item's and holiday menu's as well as any holiday special's we may be having. Please check back often. Thank you and have a sweet day!

 Happy Easter friends! April is a beautiful month filled with spring colors, rain showers, gardening and of course delectable desserts and treats.  Don't forget to order your light and fluffy Easter pastries, cakes, cupcakes and more.  Order your treats today for pick up. 

Easter Pies $15.00 each available flavors:  orange meringue, chocolate cream, key lime, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, banana cream, coconut cream, brownie truffle, raspberry, lemon cream and peanut butter fudge

Raspberry Roll $15.00 each tender moist cake wrapped around smooth creamy raspberry filling and finished off with a sprinkle of fluffy coconut

Springtime layer cake $12.00 each bright and colorful, our cake starts with a bottom layer of orange cake, then raspberry cake on top of a lovely lemon layer, with yummy buttercream in between cake layer. Yum!

Bunny Cake $25.00 each Serves 12-15 Festively  decorated bunny cake makes a beautiful centerpiece. Any flavor cake of your choice. Buttercream frosting

Cake truffles 1/2 lb box $13.00 1lb box $22.00 available flavors: chocolate, strawberry, lemon, orange, blueberry, raspberry, cherry, banana cream, key lime, blackberry

Petit Fours 1/2lb box $15.00 1lb box $25.00 available flavors: orange, raspberry, lemon, carrot, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla

Peanut Butter Eggs 1 dz $18.00

8" carrot cake $35.00 moist carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and carrot decorations

lemon roll $15.00 moist yummy cake wrapped around lemon filling