Margarita Madness                   lime margarita infused cake with tequila frosting rimmed in sugar crystals, topped with lime rock sugar

                  Pink Champange              pink champagne cake with pink champagne frosting, topped with sprinkles

Happy Hour Cocktail Cupcakes $30.00 per a dozen. These do have alchohol in them. Not for children

            Pina Colada               pineapple cake with pineapple coconut rum frosting, topped with sweet coconut

                Strawberry Daiquiri                              strawberry cake filled with strawberry filling, topped with strawberry rum infused frosting and a strawberry on top with white sprinkles

               Cosmopolitan                                vanilla cake tinted pink with strawberry cosmo infused frosting, edged in pink sugar and topped with lime rock sugar


                    Appletini                   apple vodka cake with apple chunks baked in, with apple vodka frosting, rimmed with sugar crystals topped with a cherry

Limoncello                     lemon cake laced with limoncello liquior, topped with limoncello frosting yellow sprinkles and lemon dollop


             Blue Hawaiian                                      coconut pineapple rum cake with pineapple filling, topped with blue curacao rum frosting and blue & yellow sugar

           Mudslide                        chocolate amaretto cake, topped with chocolate Bailey's frosting, chocolate drizzle and chocolate chunks

          Fuzzy Navel                        vanilla cake infused with peach schnapps, with orange cream frosting and orange wedge

             Mimosa                               champagne cake with champagne icing and orange infused frosting with orange spinkles and orange wedge

       Grand Marnier         vanilla cake infused with Grand Marnier and orange flavors, topped with orange frosting and orange zest

     Chocolate Martini     chocolate cake infused with chocolate liquer, topped with chocolate vodka frosting an a cherry

     Tequila Sunrise     orange cake infused with tequila, topped with grenadine and orange frosting a cherry, orange wedge an red sprinkles

       Malibu Rum            malibu rum cake, topped with coconut frosting and a cherry

          Mojito             lime/mint cake baked with a shot of rum, topped with lime mint frosting, garnished with green sprinkles and a lime slice

          Mai Tai                  orange/lime cake with a shot of rum, topped with orange lime frosting garnished with a maraschino cherry and a mini umbrella