We now offer sinful gourmet cupcakes! They truly are to die for!               (Please note to see all of these cupcakes you can only view 
Gourmet cupcakes are $18.00 per a dozen per a flavor.                               on a desk top format. If you are using a mobile device please go
We currently offer 118 flavor varieties and growing!                                   to our menu tab and click gourmet cupcakes for a text description)

Peanut Butter Cup

dark chocolate cake with peanut

 butter frosting, topped with chocolate

 shavings and peanut butter cup

Campfire Smores

dark chocolate cake with graham cracker bottom and marshmallow frosting, topped with graham crackers and chocolate bar

 Maine Wild Blueberry

blueberry cake filled with blueberry filling, topped with vanilla buttercream and a fresh blueberry

Old Fashioned Carrot

carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, topped with royal icing carrot decoration

Lemon Raspberry

lemon cake with raspberry filling topped with lemon cream cheese icing and fresh raspberry

                   Lemon Zinger                                           lemon cake with lemon mousse filling, topped with cream cheese icing and lemon candy crunch

           Simply Cinnamon                                  cinnamon spice cake with cinnamon buttercream, topped with fresh cinnamon

Cookie Monster                                  cookies n' cream cake with oreo buttercream, topped with oreo cookie

                        Root Beer Float                               vanilla cake topped with root beer icing and a cookie straw

                Orange Creamsicle                         fragrant orange cake with vanilla buttercream, topped with orange candies                

                     Ebony & Ivory                                   dark chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream topped with chocolate crunchies  

               Spiced Rum                                spice cake with a splash of rum baked in , topped with buttercream frosting