PB & J                             peanut butter cake filled with jelly, topped with peanut butter frosting and a dollop of jelly


   White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle   white chocolate cake filled with whipped chocolate ganache, topped with raspberry frosting, raspberry drizzle and white chocolate decoration

     Snickerdoodle               light heavenly cinnamon cake, topped with cookie dough frosting, cinnamon sugar and a fresh snickerdoodle cookie

               Drumstick                 vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream, topped with buttercream, dipped in ganache and rolled in peanuts


Confetti                                   vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles bake in the batter ( we sprinkle holiday colors in the mix on those special dates!)

   Lemon Meringue Pie              vanilla cake filled with lemon cream, topped with meringue and toasted with a torch

           Black Forest                        chocolate cherry cake, filled with cherry filling topped with buttercream, maraschino cherry and sprinkles


         Cherry Chip                            cherry chip cake, topped with buttercream and a maraschino cherry


            EggNog                                eggnog cake topped with eggnog frosting and a dash of nutmeg (seasonal only November - December)

               Butterfinger                            vanilla cake mixed with crushed butterfinger candy, topped with vanilla butterfinger frosting and more crushed butterfingers on top!

         Neopolitan                             classic vanilla and chocolate cake baked into one cupcake, topped with strawberry buttercream, sprinkles and a cherry

Chocolate Covered Cherry chocolate cake filled with cherry filling, topped with cherry frosting and dipped in chocolate ganache with a cherry on top

        Watermelon                                    sweet, juicy and refreshing watermelon cake topped with waterlemon frosting, rimmed with green sugar crystals and topped with chocolate jimmies

            French Toast            sweet maple cake, topped with maple frosting, garnished with maple drizzle an a dusting of powdered sugar. Mmm Yum!

            Cheesecake            cheesecake cake filled with fruit filling, topped with cheesecake frosting and topped with graham crackers