Grasshopper                        thin mint chocolate cake topped with pale green mint frosting, cookie pieces and mint cookie

        Raspberry Truffle            dark chocolate cake filled with whipped chocolate ganache, topped with raspberry frosting, raspberry drizzle and raspberry candy

              Blackberry                      blackberry cake, topped with blackberry frosting and a fresh blackberry

         Choco-holic                                 dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream filling, topped with chocolate buttercream and chocolate crunchies

Pumpkin Patch                         pumpkin cake filled with cream cheese filling, topped with cream cheese frosting and a pumpkin decoration

             Chocolate Orange                 dark chocolate cake topped with citrus orange frosting and chocolate sprinkles

         Blue Raspberry                    blue raspberry cake topped with blue raspberry frosting adn blue raspberry rock candy

                Candy Cane                            a kid favorite for the holiday! Red cake made with pure peppermint oil and chunks of real candy cane folded into the batter. Topped with a peppermint frosting and more crushed candy canes. (seasonal only)

Gingerbread                           all the old classic flavors of gingerbread brought to life in a sweet cupcake. Topped with cream cheese icing

      Raspberry Vanilla                   raspberry cake topped with vanilla bean frosting and sprinkles

        Apple Cider                             apple cider infused cake, topped with yummy apple cider frosting and apple fall decoration (seasonal only October -  November)

            Tiramisu                            vanilla cake with custard filling topped with coffee frosting and sprinkled with cocoa powder

     Chocolate Salted Caramel         dark chocolate cake filled with caramel, topped with caramel frosting and dipped in chocolate with a pinch of sea salt on top

     White Raspberry Frappe        white chocolate raspberry cake with raspberry frosting, topped with raspberry sauce and a chocolate decoration