Chocolate Coconut     dark chocolate cake with coconut frosting, topped with sweet coconut flakes

            Mocha Madness      dark chocolate cake with rich mocha buttercream, topped with espresso crunchies

            Raspberry Cheesecake cheesecake cake with raspberry filling, topped wtih cream cheese icing and raspberry drizzle

      Strawberry  Cheesecake           cheesecake cake with strawberry filling, topped with cream cheese icing, strawberry drizzle and fresh strawberry slices

  Grape                          grape flavored cake with grape frosting topped with grape rock candy

            Banana Split           vanilla cake filled with banana cream filling, topped with strawberry frosting, chocolate drizzle and a cherry

           Pistachio                 pistachio cake topped with pistachio buttercream and crushed pistachios

         Milk and Cookies                          chocolate chip cake with buttercream topped with fresh chocolate chip cookie

Raspberry Limeade              lime cake with raspberry filling, topped with raspberry frosting and sugar crystals, a raspberry dollop and a lime slice

               Cherry Bomb                        dark chocolate cake filled with cherry filling dipped in chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate buttercream and a cherry

           Banana Cream Pie                   banana cake filled with bavarian cream filling, topped with banana frosting, graham crackers and banana slice

     Boston Cream Pie              vanilla cake filled with bavarian cream, dipped in chocolate ganache

             Pink Lemonade                 pink lemonade cake with pink lemonade buttercream and a straw

       Maple Bacon                                     maple cake with chunks of bacon baked in, topped with maple frosting and more bacon pieces

                      Pineapple Orange                                         pineapple cake filled with pineapple filling, topped with orange frosting orange crunch and a pineapple wedge

                  Nilla   Wafer                                                       yellow cake with banana cream filling, a nilla wafer bottom, topped with banana frosting and more crushed nilla wafers!